About Elegant Software Solutions

Tom Hundley

Founder and CEO

When your head is full of ideas for changing the world, what do you do? Tom Hundley created a software development company. “I never thought I would work in software—or with computers,” he admits. “I’m passionate about quality, excellence and helping people. I discovered that software development is a great means to that end.” Tom’s business degree in hotel administration first filled his head with visions of “Hundley Resorts”, modeled after fine dining establishments and luxury hotels with white-glove service. Through a series of life events, he found that his penchant for perfectionism and eye for detail made him an excellent software developer.


With a rare combination of both technical and people skills, Tom understands clients’ objectives, solves problems and leads talented teams of developers. The name Elegant Software Solutions sprang from his idea of exceeding clients’ expectations through clean, elegant code. ESS is built on his belief that quality and excellence exist only to the degree to which
a software solution positively affects both the people and profits of the companies it serves.


“Everything we do is meant to make our clients more profitable—whether that’s increasing revenue, decreasing costs or both.”


Tom’s vision for ESS hinges on a company culture of excellence, commitment, teamwork and collaboration. The result? Clients receive well-executed solutions that serve as a stable foundation for future expansion.


Tom’s desire to change the world begins with his own employees. Through his direction and leadership, ESS has created the Elegant University™ and Elegant Apps™ programs to foster young careers and advance the skills of software developers—limited only by the height of their aspirations. The result is a team of loyal, educated developers who safeguard their craft, incubate new ideas and deliver cutting-edge software solutions with white-glove customer service.

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