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Customer Testimonials

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

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Our challenge was end-users who don't use the app on a daily basis and need to make their way through a transaction in an efficient manner. We really needed a great user interface and ESS has certainly delivered that.

-- VP: Warehousing company in Atlanta, GA


ESS is phenomenal at laying out project plans, understanding key stakeholders and setting milestones throughout the plan. Tom is a phenomenal communicator and I appreciate the tools he puts in place.

-- COO: Technology company in Alpharetta, GA

One of the big differentiators we have in our market space is our software and applications. It is a huge selling point for us and we rely heavily on ESS to deliver. It has become a great partnership over the past few years and without a doubt ESS has enhanced the quality of our applications not only in look and feel, but also in functionality.

-- COO: Logistics company in Alpharetta, GA


ESS understands what you want, delivers on time and on budget, and there is a real ease of doing business. ESS team members are always up to speed; they do not ask questions that have already been answered and integrate very well into our company's culture and needs.

-- VP: Hardware company in Marietta, GA


You guys have already accomplished more in one day than our last vendor did in an entire year.

-- CEO: SaaS company in South Carolina

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They work with you internally like they are part of your company and are willing to be creative and flexible. It's really the total experience.

-- VP: Technology company in Raleigh, NC


The documentation ESS puts into their code helps all future developers with additions and evolutions. I really like that kind of attention to detail and forward thinking.

-- VP: Technology company in Raleigh, NC

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We go to ESS with very high-level ideas and they are able to turn them into applications that deliver value to our customers. Their flexibility in dealing with our mode of growth serves us very well. They adapt to our changes in realtime with a firm eye on future impacts. The quality of software development they deliver is second to none.

-- COO: Logistics company in Alpharetta, GA

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The wave of the future has been mobility. We have invested in ESS as it continues to stay on the leading edge, supply the right team members and deliver the solutions asked for. I come from the operational and design standpoint and have a vision. Tom is very good at translating that from a business standpoint and working it into the structure of an application

-- SVP: Technology company in Alpharetta, GA

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From an organizational standpoint, we like the flexibility of working with ESS. Its quality personnel and direct communication line ensures you're getting what you ask for because they stay in tune with the project so closely. You can pay now or pay later—measure twice, cut once.

-- VP: Technology company in Atlanta, GA


ESS has done a great job of continuing to support our legacy platform while concurrently writing a new platform that has a much better user interface and allows our customers to access us through a mobile device.

-- VP: Warehousing company in Atlanta, GA


You can go in with different ideas and all the team members have a passion for the solution they develop. Being able to go through and throw different things up on the board and work for the best possible solution is personally the most enjoyable aspect of working with ESS.

-- VP: Technology company in Alpharetta, GA


Whether it's a report, a new feature set in an existing system or writing something that doesn't exist yet, they always provide a very high-quality product.

-- VP: Technology company in Raleigh, NC

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