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Elegant University

Morning Training

Most technologists have the best-laid plans for ongoing training. But then life gets in the way, or projects get in the way, and studying gets put off for a week. Then another week goes by and the same thing happens. The next thing you know, a few years have gone by and you're at risk of being irrelevant.

To avoid this problem and to ensure our team maintains its cutting edge, our bespoke software developers train at least one hour every morning before starting their workday.

Young female students being taught by male instructors on computers

Lunch-n-Learn Thursdays

Elegant Software Solutions hosts lunch-n-learns for our Technologists every other Thursday. We're firm believers that one of the best ways to learn is to teach. Our teams get together and have lunch and talk tech. Each team member takes his or her turn in the rotation and presents whatever topic they are interested in teaching.


ESS believes in providing the best tools available to our teams. Thus, all Technologists receive full memberships to Pluralsight, Safari Books Online, and MSDN on their first day joining Elegant Software Solutions.

You student studying books
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