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Our Culture

Commitment to Excellence

Consider these three fantastic businesses: 


  • Waffle House

  • Darden Restaurants

  • The Ritz-Carlton


All three are very successful and very profitable, yet they operate very, very differently.


Which of those best describes you as a professional?  There's no wrong answer.

Beautifully plated fine dining scallops

We gravitate towards The Ritz-Carlton.

To us, it symbolizes an unyielding Commitment to Excellence.

This is Elegant Software Solutions.


Results Driven

  • We are professionals, and we are results-driven. 

  • We don't babysit our employees; we don't need to. 

  • We pay you as a professional; we expect you to act like a professional. 

  • We don't ask for things twice; we ask once and we expect it to be done.

  • We don't ask for time off when it's needed; we simply take it.

  • We don't ask to leave early or stay late; we do what's appropriate that day.

  • We don't ask to work from home when it's needed; we just do it.

  • We don't ask for PTO; we take vacations whenever we want and we recharge.

  • We don't accrue PTO; we take as much as we need.  Yup, it's unlimited.

  • We do whatever is necessary for both our personal and professional lives.

  • We don't meet expectations; we exceed them.


At Elegant Software Solutions, we are a team. We work together as a team. We grow as a team, we fail as a team, and we succeed as a team. 


Having Fun Together

At the unavoidable risk of being cliche, we have to say it: we work hard...and we have fun together. Okay, we didn't quite say it, but having fun is very important. We spend more time with work colleagues than we do with our families. That's weird to think about.  

Here's an actual candidate assessment question for us: would you want to have beers after work with that person?


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