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Gold Standards

Our Credo

Abstract gold brush strokes representing ESS Credo

Elegant Software Solutions is a team of technologists committed to excellence and customer service.

We pledge to maximize our clients’ returns on investment by building best-of-breed solutions in accordance with modern-day best practices and the latest standards of our industry.

We are software artisans dedicated to uplifting our entire craft. We take great pride in our craft and promote the highest levels of professionalism with every interaction we have and every line of code we write.

Mediocrity is failure.

Our Motto

Abstract gold brush strokes representing ESS Motto

Our Values

Abstract gold brush strokes representing ESS Values
  1. We are responsible for uncompromising levels of code quality.

  2. We exceed the expectations of our clients.

  3. We deliver exceptional customer service at all times.

  4. We make our clients feel like the most important people in the world.

  5. We take great pride in always doing our best work.

  6. We recognize the opportunity to continuously learn and grow.

  7. We always follow industry best practices.

  8. We understand our roles in achieving Elegant Software Solutions’ success.

  9. We always look for ways to innovate and improve Elegant Software Solutions.

  10. We take complete ownership of our work.

  11. We always provide multiple solutions to any problem we encounter.

  12. We look around corners for our clients.

  13. We build life-long relationships with our clients.

  14. We are passionate about our craft and we love what we do.

Our Employee Promise

Elegant Software Solutions is nothing without its team members. They are the most important resource we have to provide the level of quality and service that our clients expect and deserve.


Elegant Software Solutions promises to foster a work environment that promotes learning, innovation, teamwork and collaboration. We endeavor to create work-life balance for our team members, fulfill their professional aspirations and enhance their quality of life.

Elegant Software Solutions is committed to recognizing and rewarding the exemplary behavior of its team members.

Abstract gold brush strokes representing ESS Employee Promise
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